Banana, banana... banana's

February 5, 2016

In my house banana's disappear almost as quickly as they hit the fruit bowl!


They're so packed full of vitamins (Vit B12 D, E, C, K, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Folic Acid to name a few), minerals (Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium are just some) and plenty of protein and energy, so naturally they are a welcomed addition to our weekly diets...


But too much of anything can get boring, and its always great when you can take an ingredient that so nutritious and 'tweek' it to add even more greatness to it or just make it a little more interesting to eat! So, here's 5 different ways to keep the banana exciting!



1. Keep it simple.... SKIN ON AND SLICED IN HALF - served with a tea spoon and choice of 'sprinkles' (desiccated coconut, seeds, finely grated pure and organic chocolate)!  


2. Griddled with coconut oil and cinnamon... Once you start cooking food you begin reducing the amounts of nutrients, by doing it this way you keep all the goodness and add more flavour and nutrients;

                            Mix a Tbsp Coconut oil with 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon (fresh ground) in a bowl. Peel and slice banana into half longways. Mix banana in coconut mix, set aside. Set griddle onto a high heat and wait until pan is hot,. Put banana's on for 1 minute each side. Enjoy :)


3. Mashed with grated apple and ginger.... Simply grate an apple (skin on too) and a tiny thumbnail sized piece of ginger (you can add more or less if u wish), put in a bowl and add banana then start mashing with a fork! Simple, quick and nutritious.... this is great as a mid morning snack for adults and children.


4. Blended with soursop and coconut milk... soursop is a superfood. It is a fruit that grows in warm and humid climates. The health benefits are far too many to mention here, blog coming soon! You can find them in most afro/caribbean grocers.

              So, when you have it you will need to remove the skin and de-seed. Add the fruit flesh to the blender, break 2 banana's into the blender, pour 750ml coconut milk (home-made recipe coming soon). Blend for a minute, pour and enjoy :)


5. On a stick...Cut into thick rings, grate a bit of nutmeg over the banana.... put onto a stick to make a banana kebab! This is a fun snack for children, and not only is it nutritious it also improves their fine motor skills. Nutritious teachers! :)





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