Meditating with children

July 5, 2016


If we want our children to be able to grow and live the life of freedoms that we want now, then we also need to make sure they have their mindset right from as young as possible.


Make meditation a habit in their lives and you will see the positive growth in their mindsets.


I remember when I first started bringing meditation into my children's lives it was a lot of guess work, trial and error, and practise until I found perfect practise - and I'm still learning more everyday! So, to hopefully help you along your way I've written a guided meditation that you can get started with right away. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


For me I find evening is usually a great time to do meditations with my children, as their bodies are tired(ish!) from the days activity and they "sink in" to a peaceful energy easier. Although everyone varies, so its vital to test this out at different points throughout the day to see which time brings the best response.

Encourage your child/children to lay flat on the floor either on their back or front, whatever is most comfy for them! Keeping their eyes closed the whole time and focusing on their breath, slowly.


If you are just starting out guided meditations with your children keep it simple, speak these words to them...Speak softly and slowly to them, making sure that it is peaceful around.


"Breathe slowly in and out, focusing on how your breath is travelling through your body. Use your minds eye and see what your breath looks like as it travels in threw your nose, down your throat, flowing all the way as it fills up your stomach.


Allow your body to sink deeper and deeper into the ground.... imagine you are sinking into a big fluffy cloud. Feel your whole body relax"


Allow them to take 5 slow deep breaths, fully relaxed, peaceful. 


"Now I want you to start feeling a happy energy fill your body, let it float from your toes to your knee's, to your tummy button, to your heart, your fingers, elbow, shoulders and feel it fill up into your face and mind. You are loved, you are loving, you are amazing. Feel the energy of happiness and love fill your whole body... smile. Smile the happiest smile you can, now breath deep in this energy."


Allow them to stay in this emotion for 5 more deep breathes.


"You are amazing, you achieve everything you want, you have super powers, you're so happy, inspiring, kind, beautiful, loving, intelligent, amazing, humble, grateful, peaceful and special."


Allow them to take 5 more deep breathes in this moment.


"Now I want you to start imagining in your mind how this room looks. Feel how the floor feels, remember whats around you. Slowly I want you to take 5 more deep breathes in and out, then gently open up your eyes."


Encourage them to lay still for a moment to take it all in before sitting up.


And there we have it, a short but very uplifting guided meditation to share with your children!



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