Wake up the children...

November 15, 2016



 Children are so special, we have a responsibility to these beautiful little people to do everything we can to give them the best start in life. I believe and have seen with my own eyes the benefits of raising children with love, happiness, laughter, conversation, positive energy and natural nourishment. 


As a result of fresh foods, products and lifestyle, all four of my children have grown freely into the characters that they truly are and in great health.


I'll be the first to say raising children in this natural way, in this society, isn't easy! But if we continue to keep taking the easier, already laid out paths, then we are going to keep ending up at the same places where we've been going for the last 80+ years... and lets face it, sickness, disease and early deaths has steadily been rising.


These days I notice everyone around taking control of their mindsets, wanting to unite to build stronger communities, give love back to this world, and looking for a way to live free. We also need to stand up and take control of our children's (and our own) health and wellbeing.


The foods that are being consumed not only do damage now, but have also been scientifically proven time and time again, to cause long term damage which results in the increase of disease, infant obesity, diabetes, behavioural, physical and phycological damage and many more. 


How longer are we going to keep having to turn to pharmaceuticals to fix things that we can remedy ourself if we just take control of our eating and lifestyle habits?


By buying the things that are making us sick we are funding the people who don't have our best interests at heart, who profit from our sickness. Wouldn't we be better off giving our time and money to the people who live the same as we do? 


Within our ever growing communities now we have amassed a huge bank of skills. There are local independant shops everywhere, selling good quality fresh produce, nutritionalist, health shops, holistic treatments, mindset coaches and any other skill that you need to help you adjust to this lifestyle.


Supporting local people, who are there because they love what their doing and love people, teaches our children about community and also teaches them ways to live and survive as they grow through life. 


Giving your children fresh foods, laughing and joking with them, preparing and shopping for food together may seem like small things, but they should be our priority.  It may be a more time demanding task, but lets make our lives inconvenient for a short while and benefit in the long run. The more people who start making these conscious choices the easier it will become for others to follow.


 Here are some recipes that are simple and help start the day the right way!



 Orange, Turmeric and Ginger morning shot!





Now winter is upon us warming and nourishing ingredients that combat colds are an essential.


Here I've squeezed the juice of 4 oranges, cut out the remaining flesh and blended it with a 1cm piece of ginger (skin off), and a tsp of ground turmeric. Then gently warmed it for about 3 minutes.


Orange is fantastic for it's vitamin c and also for helping our bodies to absorb minerals and nutrients. Combine the additional powerful medicinal properties of ginger and the therapeutic action against coughs and colds in the turmeric, and you've a recipe for wellness! 


Plus it tastes so delicious and warming!


If you're new to these kinds of drinks you may find it takes a few days/weeks for your tastebuds to adjust to this new upload of flavours, but keep on  and you will see the benefits!



Fruit Platter




Slice 2 oranges, quarter a few kiwi's (leave the skin on), chop a whole mango and pineapple... then chuck it on a giant plate. Place in the middle of the table and wait a few seconds till it's gone! It's really that simple! You can change up the fruits to anything thats fresh at a shop local to you.


There is greatness in even the most simple of things!



Until my next blog post... 


Be well, be happy and love life!





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