A Mothers Guide to Chickenpox

May 3, 2017


As every mum knows, when chickenpox come they can bring much more than spots! It can be a hazy extremely exhausting time, countless sleepless nights, and being on call 24hours a day!


From tears, unstoppable itching, miserable poorly moods, temperatures and any other way that it could possibly effect your little one... it can be a very traumatic experience for them.


As a mum of (a few) little ones too, when chickenpox landed in our house I set about researching, testing and trying anything that could bring some peace and soothe my precious child.


So, here I want to share with you 5 simple tips that I found made my chickenpox experience a much more gentle one!


1. Cuddles! I know it may seem obvious, but being there to comfort, cuddle and keep those little hands from scratching away really does help pass time and keep their mind distracted. Scientifically when you cuddle with your little one Oxytocin levels are increased, which reduces stress and anxiety, a great thing to reduce in this time!


2. Chamomile tea. It helps calm the child and ease the itch, the chamomile also acts as a mild sedative, which can help your little one drift off peacefully. Great to give them as a warm drink and also cooled and applied with a clean clothe to calm the itchy spots as it helps ease the pain, irritation and itchiness.


3. Oats bath! Grab a muslin, or clean cotton cloth, pour a heaped handful of oats inside, wrap and tie it up. Pop this into a warm bath and let your little one soak away in it. Soaking in an oats bath lets them absorb the super goodness that the oats can provide, from being an anti-inflammatory and antiviral superhero, it can also reduces the chance of scarring as the spots fade.


4. Basil infusion. Grab some fresh Basil leaves, drop into boiled water and leave the leaves to steep. When the water has cooled enough pop this into the fridge so it can get nice and cold. When your little one is starting to feel the itch increasing grab a clean cloth, dip into this infusion and dab onto the itchy spots. 

Basil has Eugenol in it, which is an anaesthetic agent which eases itching and kills any virus that could cause an infection.


5. A healthy diet. During the chickpox period I would highly recommend a raw fruit, veg and herb diet. Keeping their bodies high in nutrients and vitamins gives their immune system the strength to see this virus off. It also speeds up recovery time, and keeps their mood more steady.



Combining these 5 tips, along with homeopathy, meditation, oil burning, distraction and patience can see you through these next few days of fun!


I hope this helps, and if you have any other tips that you have found to help you please share away!


Wishing you strength, love and light.




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