Why I chose the natural path.

May 16, 2017


“He who does not know food, how can he understand the diseases of man?”  - Hippocrates.



Twelve years ago I had no clue of the link between food and health. I was going through life with sicknesses and illnesses that were a direct result of a poor diet and lack of knowledge. I was ignorant to the simple connection of what I put into my body determining the reaction which often resulted in poor health.



Although being physically fit, thanks to my love of and intensive dance schedule, I was making poor food choices. Fast food, convenience foods and plenty of snacks, although luckily, because of my cooking ability, I did ‘balance’ it with home cooked meals, however using chemically enhanced not natural ingredients.


Constantly having an upset stomach, headache, spot breakout or generally feeling ill, I still never realised the connection! It wasn’t until a little while before I got pregnant did I start to look at food differently. I started wondering and questioning ingredients, the source of the foods I ate and relating what I ate to how I felt.


Getting pregnant gave me more reason to deepen my learning more, giving birth gave me the determination to find out what I ‘should’ and ‘definitely shouldn’t’ be eating. This was way more confusing than I could have possibly imagined!


Fast forwards 11 years, and after so much research, trying out different options and finally finding the way that brings me the most health, I discovered that good family health is so much more than just about the food we consume. That’s just one aspect of creating health.


To me, natural family health means creating long lasting good health, for the whole family, in the most fitting way possible to everyone. Addressing and correcting the habits of the mind, body and soul.


To think that by eating right alone you will reach your goals is a common misunderstanding. Yes, it may get you into better health to start, help you achieve the body that you desire or give you the energy you’ve been after, but that alone is not going to stop sickness and disease coming.


Keeping the mind in good health is a pivotal part of natural health. If you learn how to control your thoughts, you begin to control your emotions. Doing this sets your body into a positive vibration and make it far harder for sickness to penetrate. But it also takes real work undoing any previous hurts that have caused your mind to suffer. Letting go and moving forwards with a healthy mind may mean seeking the help of professionals, from traditional therapy, to cognitive behaviour therapy, tapping, reiki, yoga or anything else that you find works for you.


“Whenever somebody is forced with no choice of his own you are crippling the person, you are destroying his intelligence”

– Osho, the book of children.


As children we are conditioned, these conditionings remain in our paradigm. Most parents don’t intentionally condition the child for negative reasons, more often it is down to a lack of knowledge or understanding. However, eating and thinking habits are choices that we often repeat from parents because of this very conditioning. I’ve met so many people who put their lifestyles down to being that way because "it was how I was raised".


But in this modern day, the things that we consume and use in everyday life, are so far from what they used to be, even the fast food, has taken on new levels. The rapid rate that sickness and disease is increasing, makes getting cancer more common than we have ever known previously. Heart attacks, stroke and so many other poor lifestyle related diseases have become a part of our history now.


It is because of these reasons that I have so much passion and drive to create real health; first and foremost for myself, then for my family and now sharing it out with whoever else wants to know more. I may not have any degree’s or qualifications to my name, but what I have is years of obsessive research, watching documentaries, readings and experience through living in different ways.


So... how can you nourish the soul to help get good health? It’s a good question.


With the combination of eating natural, healthy, unprocessed, living foods; and when I say living foods I mean food that, if you replanted or put in water, would begin to regrow. Teamed up with a calm and emotionally intelligent mind, these two begin connecting you to your soul.


The soul being the essence of who you truly are underneath the preconceive, preconditioned and pre-programmed characteristics. Strip away the chemicals that have neurological side-effects damaging your ability to think clearly, the toxins added into hair and body products you lovingly massage into yourselves, that poison you into dis-ease. Clear the negative self-talk and damaging habits and your soul will begin to reveal.


Once you have tuned into the soul, the desire to stay in health overrides those old cravings to live any way that leads to destroying self.


For me the simple combination of eating a majority plant based diet, being physically active daily, practising meditation, yoga and dance with constant seeking for more knowledge has allowed me and my family to live doctor free for 8 years, given me the ability to make home remedies that really work, nourish and nurture 4 beautifully bright and healthy children, have uncomplicated pregnancies, recognise my true self and live with great health.


The Steps to obtaining natural family health take time, but the route I have found to work best is;


1. Question why it is important to you. Before getting to work on saving the family, save yourself. Really think long and hard about this, it’s not a surface level question with a quick response, it demands a deep and emotional answer. Reflect on your life, look to the future and then be aware of the present.


2. Do an audit on yourself! Seriously, grab a pen and notebook. Now, for the next month get in the habit of writing down what food, drink, hair, body and home products you buy, what you think and tell yourself and how you feel on a DAILY basis. Once you’ve done this you will notice patterns and begin to see links between them.


3. Address the area that needs attention first, then get to work on that, and ONLY that! Trying to make huge change on many levels leaves you feeling overwhelmed and underperforming. It has taken how many years to get you here? It’s not going to be an overnight change. Make the area as specific as possible, for example, if you notice, after your audit, that you drink a lot of sugary or artificially sweet drinks and suffer headaches/heartburn/feeling down/bloated/etc, after these time, start there. Make a vow that you will start by cutting out the sugar/artificial sweeteners. Or as another example, if you notice that in the evening times you often begin to feel negative emotionally, find something to fill this time that will bring about positive emotions. Perhaps find some positive music, a guided meditation or plan to go for a run and commit to only telling yourself positive things in this time. Gradually build up on this, constantly referring to your audit to recognise other areas to improve.


4. Don’t believe anything, research until you find truth and fall in love with learning. There is so much information available to us now, and there are many ways to display information. Find the ways where the information sticks best. For me, my favourite way of learning is by watching documentaries, but that alone doesn’t guarantee that the information I’m learning is right. Backing this up by researching in more depth via the internet or in books until I find proof that what was said is true is what helps fish out the outlandish claims from the genuine ones.


5. Be open to being wrong. Even if you choose the ‘right’ way, it may still be wrong for you! We are all unique individuals, there is no one rule for all! After trying to improve one area of your health, with what may have seemed like the right choice, you may find that you feel worse. If this happens it’s alright, it doesn’t mean you can’t have good whole health, it simply means you’re not going to get there using that way, find another!


6. Keep growing, changing and repeating these steps until you feel comfortable and confident enough to pass them onto your family. One of the keys to remember when building natural family health, is respecting each other individuality and own truths. You might want your family to practise meditation, for example, but they find it is a fruit loopy pointless activity! By forcing what has been proven to bring calmness, clarity and health onto them is only going to cause problems because it is not their way of achieving those elements. Likewise, with food, if your choice is to maintain a plant based diet, you should also respect that not everyone has that same desire. Make available the information and research they need, and then allow them the freedom to choose what fits with them.


7. Have fun, be happy and stay true to yourself. Natural family health is not meant to be a chore, yes, some changes may be inconvenient and uncomfortable for a while, but it is these parts of the journey that strengthen your commitment to living this lifestyle.



If you’re ready to start embracing a naturally healthy lifestyle you’ve got the steps here to get you off on the right foot. Making changes can sometimes be daunting and it is nice when you can connect to others who are also in the same space as you. Like our Facebook page to see the latest information, techniques and tips. From there add yourself into the Natural Lifestyle Family Health group to join the growing community with questions and answers that will support your growth.


Follow me on Instagram to see what I do and how I live that helps create natural family health in my own family.


Should you want a helping hand or some more advice on what you can do in your life to get you started in the right direction book into a mentor session with me here.


I’d love to hear if you’ve found this blog useful, so please share any thoughts and comments with me below.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, I wish you health, love and happiness in whatever journey you may choose.





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