Making healthy cool!

August 25, 2017

Children are the greatest gift to our lives. Knowing what to do to give them the best can be the biggest mystery! 


It is through them we find the inspiration to search out for the missing puzzle pieces of knowledge.


At times the answers to many of our questions lie in hours of study, reading, asking and wondering! 


Other times, the answers are right in front of our faces... like how can we make healthy cool?


Take my eldest, he has taught me far more than anyone else has done EVER! 


When I'm wondering and planning what I can do to make sure him and my other 3 children have an active day, he's picking up his skateboard and directing me out to the park!


There are so many ways to think outside of the box, that sometimes we forget the simplest way is to simply ask someone already out of it!


You see alone, I can't make healthy cool. My perception of cool is not going to be everyone's! Thats my whole point here... you too won't always be the one who know how to make healthy cool in your lives, but I'm sure if you ask your little ones their idea of cool, you'll find an answer that either you can tweek to combine healthy and cool... or it may be just be perfect as it is!!


Now, cool health doesn't always have to involve an active day. You could be in search of an activity to promote a healthy mind. Having a day filled with laughter, conversation, happiness and love is another way to make healthiness be cool!


Siblings face so many potential mental issues; jealousy, envy, frustration, hate, anger... just to name a few! It is just important, in fact I'd say MORE important to encourage bonding and quality time that promotes healthy positive relationships. 


Encourage them to work together, play together, plot against you if needs be to get that bonding going! 


Show them that united they are powerful, that they hold a special connection and that they can have fun together.


Give them challenges where they'll need to combine their skills to find the answer.


By allowing them to recognise their own uniqueness, then learn to respect their differences and will quickly learn how to navigate past arguments, with as few tears as possible!


One of the biggest lesson's I've experienced, since having more than 1 child, is to know when is the time to stand back and let them figure things out, and when is the time to tear them apart!


I mean, they are siblings after all, no matter how good a friend they are to each other, they live together, eat together, play together and share the same parents (sometimes!) they're sure as anything gonna have time when they've just had enough of each other...and that's alright!


So, how can you make this kind of health cool? Again... it's not your place to answer! It's theirs, for my girls, one of the activities we do that bring a healthy mind is playing restaurants, where my eldest daughter is the chef and my youngest is the waitress. Another is we play dress up... they light up and become even more excited with each other when I agree to play along too! Laughing at and then in awe of me together.


Now, anyone who know's me know's I'm not so much of a dress up person! Give me tracksuit or pj's any day! (Hence, their laughter and awe) But for the happiness it brings, I'll get out a dress, lend them my high heels (there's a limited selection... in that theres 2 pairs!), and from time to time put a bit of eyeliner on - they go all out with my one eyeliner on themselves!


And then of course theres the big question everyone asks... how can I make healthy eating cool? Well, before you ask this, maybe ask yourself are you eating healthy? Do your children see you enjoying healthy foods... and making a point of enjoying healthy foods, like announcing how DELICIOUS that yummy apple you just ate was, or how good that salad was? 


You see, we are their idols. You screw up your face at the thought of giving up that chocolate bar... guess what they'll do! You throw that not so healthy food in the bin announcing how disgusting it is, and how it's not helping your body grow, and you're sparking a seed of intrigue into their minds!


Eating healthy is cool, it means your body has what it needs to grow to its most strongest, your mind becomes sharp and clear, and your energy is high enough you can run around in circles all day long!


Teach them these kinds of mindsets and you'll find they soon think a plate full of cacao nibs, dates, pineapple, kiwi, watermelon or anything else is a huge treat... put it in a funky shape or a fancy swirl pattern to throw in some cool mum points, then sit back and relax, or better yet, dive into that plateful with them too!


I know the benefits of starting them young means that healthy eating is the norm to them. I know that getting older children to switch to it can be a much harder task. Infact I think it's such a huge task that it really deserves a whole blog post dedicated to it! Which is what you will find here soon!


Look, this blog is about how to make healthy cool. Mums, dads, grandparents and carer's.... you already got the coolest kids around, humble yourself, take a knee, ask them the questions and be ready to hear their replies!


Enjoy the ride, I know I do!


Wishing you all happiness, love and health.


Yasmin xx





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Making healthy cool!

August 25, 2017

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