Keeping the priorities priority...

October 25, 2017


Remember your true purpose.


When your path is left untended in any area that you claim is a priority, weeds will sprout up that call for attention… leave them for a period of time and a 5 minute job will become a whole day or more!


As is the way it works for us, not giving it enough attention and something will come along to force that attention in the direction that it’s needed.


It is ONLY when that area has been refilled, will the calling and opportunity to return and visit the other priorities re appear.


In this age of distraction, slipping out of consciousness can happen in the blink of an eye. It can continue without us noticing for a while.


The key is to have regular AUDIT times… take stock of whether you’re sticking to what you set out, where needs work and what needs change. Remember clearing out is also a continuous part of keeping it moving forwards.


If you’re just coming to a realisation that you need to make a change, run with that. But remember that the real change happens in the small steps.



The tortoise didn’t beat the hare for being hyped up, excited and cocky.


It had a deep belief in itself that it was going to finish, was happy in where it was now and enjoyed the slow riding pace… 


The key to life is learning how to win, daily! Before you know it those daily wins will add up to weekly, then monthly and before you know it you will have got where you wanted to go and be ready to travel some more!




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