Why Natural Lifestyles?

May 15, 2018

Why natural lifestyles... well before I answer the why, more importantly is the question what is natural lifestyles all about?


I started this website, name and social media presence because I truly believe that there are so many ways to achieve a healthy life. To do this you just have to simply make a choice, a choice to firstly open yourself up to begin researching all of the potential ways that can help you get where you wish to go... and then a choice to take action, embrace and fully live in that lifestyle to take you to better health.


The thing is, there really is soooooo many ways to choose from, as well as a confusingly contradictory amount of ways that claim to get you there too... especially when it comes to family health!


Which is WHY Natural Lifestyles came about, my dream is to show as many possible lifestyles that you can choose  from so you can find one (or a combination of a few) that will help you to live out a healthy life in a way that suits you!


You see to me health comes about with the combination of good practises and choices that strengthen the mind, body and spirit. Without working on all of those area's your health will always come up short.


Before you can bring the whole family into better health, you must work on yourself... that saying you can't save the world until you save yourself runs try with family! Give yourself a head start first, since you will be leading the way it makes sense to have a bank of knowledge and a bit of experience you can call on when bringing them in!


To share with you how I choice lifestyles that strengthen each area, here is some of the lifestyle choices I make to strengthen each area:


Mind: Clarity of mind is very important, regular practises that I do to help are:


> writing; spending a good amount of time writing out any feelings, issues, worries, wishes or anything else that is going around and around in my mind is a really good way of getting clear on the bigger picture (if there is one) and finding peace in certain situations. It is also a great way to review and assess situations, learning any lessons needed to improve from them.

> meditation; there are many ways to meditate... did you know technically when you are sitting staring at (watching) a tv that is just the same as meditating! Sitting in one space with your eyes fixed and your mind free from your own thoughts! Although I don't really meditate like that! More often than not, my favourite way to meditate is to burn some frankincense, light a couple of candles, switch off all noise, lay in a comfortable position and breath my way into a deep meditation. I used to struggle with meditation because my mind is pretty busy! I found focusing on my breathing and learning breathing exercises transformed my ability to clear my mind almost instantly. HERE is a link to a youtube video that can help teach breath work for meditation (if you want to learn more!)


Body: Nourishing the body is much more than just changing the foods you put into it. Here's a couple of things I do to give my body the best health:


> Use only 100% natural products on my skin. Before getting into health stuff, the simple fact that our skin is actually the largest organ we have completely passed me by! I'd been slapping on chemical laden products without second thought. Making a switch to use only natural products has not only improved the quality of my skin - I get comments all the time about how clear and healthy my skin looks - it has also helped to drastically reduce the amount of toxins going into my body, increasing my chance for a healthy old age too!

> Eat a majority plant based diet... and that means eating foods that are in their original state - or as close to it as possible. This lifestyle choice for me has increased the amount of vitamins and minerals I get from food, improved my digestive system, immune system, energy levels have increased drastically, my mind is clearer and sharper and I feel much lighter as I go through my days (just to name a few benefits!)


Spirit: I am a spiritual being - my body carries me around whilst my spirit determines my destiny. Looking after the spirit brings a wealth of health, I do this by:


> Practising yoga regularly. For me yoga helps to connect me to my higher self, it is in the breath work, the pain level that calls out the focus and determination when practising certain poses that push you to the limit, and the strength felt, when I feel I am in my power, able to think over past situations to see the truth in them or visualise future dreams and feel them in the present. It also helps me to control my emotions, in particular anger and other negative emotions that naturally occur when living life!

> Dance! I absolutely LOVE to dance, it lifts my spirit high. I can dance alone at home when all my little people are in bed, or go out and shake a leg with others... either way I always have a great time and more importantly FEEL good afterwards (plus it's great exercise too).



As I've said these are my lifestyle choices, they could well be yours too... and they could not be too! It took me 13 years of researching different ways until I found ones that really sat with me and felt right whilst giving the results that I wished for. I still change it up from time to time, test out new things and see what fits.


That's the thing, health is a constant journey, not something you will ever arrive at and be done with! Change is good, it can keep you feeling good, paying attention to things that need attention and keep the excitement up for taking on what could be a new challenge!


And on that note... I'm off to get an early bedtime, because sleep is major thing that can either boost health, or if you miss out on getting enough it will start taking from your health!



Wishing you all LOVE, STRENGTH and HEALTH! 






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