Funky Treat Smoothie...

August 22, 2018



If we can condition ourselves to say treat and see beautiful nourishing foods and drinks instead of packages of things that aren't actually a treat to our body, then we will set a great example for the next generations and in turn give ourselves one of the best gifts... great health!


So, this smoothie here came about when I was short on time, but needed something filling and full of good energy....


I chucked into my ninja blender Auto-IQ:


1 Raw beetroot
1 Papaya
3 Pink Apple
2 Banana
3 TBSP Hemp seed oil


I filled to the max line with mint, ginger and lemon infused water, then hit blend. When finished I poured this out into 6 glasses (yes...there's a lot of us!) and got on with adding some more to this treat! Into the blender I put:

1 Mango
1/2 Pineapple
3 Banana
1inch Ginger

I half filled this with the infused water and blended again!


When blending is finished, slowly pour the yellow layer on top and watch the 2 delicious flavoured smoothies swirl into each other and ENJOY! 


I hope you all enjoy making and tasting this one! 








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